Get to know more about this crowd favorite superfood and those behind KEYMOSS


Taking Sea Moss daily, helps curb ones appetite while decreasing inflammation and bloating.


Due to its high fibre content, Sea Moss is perfect to get your gut going!


Rich in the 92 out of 102 essential minerals the body needs, these properties help protect your body healthy and away from illnesses.


Looking to spice up your love life? Sea Moss is found to have aphrodesiac-like properties that help one's libido. 




We are proud to share our heartfelt journey with sea moss, which began in California. It all started when I found myself battling persistent chest pain, searching for a solution that would alleviate the discomfort and improve my well-being. That's when I stumbled upon a video by the renowned Dr. Sebi, where he passionately discussed the incredible health benefits of sea moss.

Intrigued and hopeful, I wasted no time in sourcing sea moss from a local provider. To my amazement, within a short period, I witnessed a remarkable change in my chest. The inflammation that had been nagging me for so long seemed to vanish, leaving me feeling rejuvenated and hopeful.

Inspired by this transformative experience and driven by a desire to share this newfound remedy with others, my wife and I embarked on an extraordinary journey. With boundless enthusiasm, we decided to offer sea moss to those seeking a natural solution for their health concerns.

In the first month of our venture, we were astounded to have already assisted over 40 individuals in experiencing the incredible benefits of sea moss. Today, we are humbled to have a community that has grown to over 5000 individuals who have joined us on this empowering journey. Each success story, each heartfelt testimony we receive fills our hearts with joy and reinforces our purpose.

Our ultimate goal remains unwavering - to help as many people as we can with the immense power of sea moss. Through relentless commitment, continuous education, and unwavering dedication to quality, we strive to reach those who can benefit from this remarkable seaweed.

Today, we stand stronger than ever, motivated by the lives we have positively impacted and guided by our mission to enhance the health and well-being of countless individuals. We invite you to join us, to experience the wonders of sea moss, and to be a part of this remarkable movement towards natural, holistic healing.

Together, let us continue to share the gift of sea moss, igniting hope and inspiring others to embrace a healthier, more vibrant life.


I been taking Gold seamoss for a month now and I feel amazing it’s almost unbelievable how great a feel...my flare ups are gone I never knew this would be possible...

Ever since I been taking “key moss” I have had way more energy, came in contact with sick people but illness can’t touch me cause my body has a secret weapon! Sea moss! Def won’t skip a beat!

Hi guys!!! Just wanted to let you know your product is beyond amazing!!!! Thank you so much for the work you do and for the difference you’re making in peoples lives and health! I absolutely love it!!